Sir Scales Level Beats

  1. Player launches out of a magic bubble.
  2. Fly over a lake with simple obstacles
    (a) Tests to make sure player understands basic movement
    (b) Health pick up at the end in case player was hit
    © Possibly show enemies in the sky before encountering them (Mid/End Boss is seen with them?)
  3. Enemy swoops in from the sky and attacks, more of the same type follow after.
    (a) 3 waves including the first enemy
    (b) Patterns become increasingly difficult
    © Flies into a hole in the canyon wall
  4. Dodge obstacles in a cave.
    (a) Start off dodging stalagmites and stalactites
    (b) As the player moves through the cave it becomes darker until it becomes pitch black
    © Glowing crystals appear out of the wall and the player must dodge as they appear.
    i. Crystals are telegraphed early to give player chance to move out of the way, and are placed in simple patterns
    (d) Player can grab a health pick up at the end, but needs to watch out for an obstacles dividing the path
  5. The player exits the cave, the environment has deteriorated even further. The lake is a sickly purple color, pillars can be seen sinking into the lake.
    (a) The player must dodge geysers and falling pillars as they make their way through
    i. Pillars are faster than the crystals, but not too much faster
    (b) Waves of enemies appear throughout this section
    i. During the initial waves moving obstacles do not appear
    ii. Stationary obstacles are mixed in during the final wave
  6. Begins to fly towards a fountain in the center of the lake. A large blue crystal on the top can be seen, it’s light fading
    (a) No obstacles or enemies during this section
    (b) Health pickups to bring player to full health
  7. The light in the crystal goes out and the sky darken as the mid-boss appears
    (a) The boss is fought in a loop around the shrine
    (b) Obstacles repeat
    © After beating it, the light returns and area around it is restored somewhat
    i Should light also heal player, or just add a health pick up?
  8. Mass of enemies can be seen flying towards a tower in the distance and the player follows after.
    (a) New enemy types can be seen in the mass
    (b) The skies and environment begin to deteriorate again after leaving the lake
    © A few obstacles are scattered about the path, but are fairly easy to dodge
    (d) Bomb-enemy type is introduced at the end that explodes when killed
  9. Player enters a narrow canyon and must dodge obstacles while fighting enemies
    (a) Section goes in phases
    i Dodge medium obstacles
    ii Fight both enemy types
    iii Dodge hard obstacles; cave crystals return and faster
    iv Enemy patterns are ramped up
    v Exploding enemies appear while dodging obstacles
    vi Player can grab health at the end
  10. Reaches the tower, a dark energy radiates out of it as the player approaches slowly
  11. Final Boss appears from the sky.
    (a) As the fight goes on they fly towards the top of the tower
  12. The boss is defeated and the skies become clear

This makes me feel like i’m in the story - nice job with the imagery.

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