Simplifying * and &

Here is a example of what pointers and refences can be, lets say there is bob and Jim, Jim does not have a Nickname and bob has the nickname bobby, the pointer is best described as a finger you point with, when pointing at bob, you can say his nickname, but you start pointing at Jim, that means that you can’t talk about a nickname anymore, and if you do, people will know what you are talking about, but if you said bob’s name, you won’t be able to say that is Jim, it is bob, and this way people will know what you are talking about, Jim and bob are components, nickname is a variable, pointing is pointers, saying bobs name is a reference, saying Jim is bob is an attempt to change a reference and the people is the unreal engine, and lastly if the people (unreal) do not know what you are talking about then unreal will crash, this is what I know about pointers and refences at the moment so there is a slight chance of this being wrong


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