SimpleShooterGameMode.cpp wasnt there before, was it?

Hello there,

in the video you created the KillEmAllGameMode.cpp derived from the SimpleShooterGameModeBase.cpp, but in my project there was no SimpleShooterGameModeBase.cpp. I always note down what we are doing and in my notes it says that we directly went ahead and created the BP_SimpleShooterGameMode directly derived from GameModeBase in the lecture Pawns vs Characters in C++ without creating our own CPP GameMode to derive from. So i went back and doublechecked and indeed we did skip creating SimpleShooterGameModeBase.cpp.

Now to my question: Did I skip a lecture by mistake or am I missing something here? Using Unreal 5.2 in case Unreal 4.x did create SimpleShooterGameModeBase automaticly on project setup.

Note: I went ahead and created the SimpleShooterGameModeBase.cpp myself derived from GameModeBase, so I dont need help with that one. In fact what i have learned so far in this course made me fix that myself, which is pretty cool even if its just a small thing :slight_smile: thank you!


An AProjectNameGameModeBase should be created when you create a C++ project; though it’s just an default class derived from AGameModeBase.

You can see it’s been there since the project set up

Commits · master · / Unreal 5 CPP / Simple Shooter UE4 · GitLab

Hmm, somehow it wasnt there for me. But thanks for replying Dan! Isnt a big problem anyways. In case anyone encounters the same problem as me i suggest just create it yourself aswell.


Same problem, wasn’t created for me and did build the C++ class based on GameModeBase myself. Maybe something with the unreal version? Using 5.3


Testing it on my end it does seem to be a change in 5.3 to not create that empty game mode class.


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