Simpler waypoint node initialisation

I found the process of picking, and especially changing the waypoints to be a bit cumbersome. What I did was to place empty/invisible actors, and give them tags; in my case I called it ‘waypoint’. This allowed me to add more waypoints by adding more actors, and has the benefit of changing those waypoints very simply ( you just move the sphere around to the right location ).

This actually came to me, because i was trying to set the waypoints manually per the lecture, and i dropped a cube into the scene placed it and then used that to determine the location element. The only problem I couldn’t fix, was the blackboard that I had to manually create the keys on the blackboard ( I was not able to figure out how to do it dynamically based on the object list ).

Very cool now that I can visually place nodes for waypoints, and I’m hoping a more practical waypoint list is in a future video :wink:

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Doh … seems to be corrected done proper in the next 2 videos … I got all excited a tad too early seems like.


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