Simple snowglobe animation

I (still) had some difficulties in animating snowflakes in side the sphere. I would like to twirl them.
It involves baking an particle group. But I didn’t succeed. So now I have new challenge; animation of particles inside a domain (smoke?).

But that one will be low on my list, because rendering this animation of 250 frames, took me 24 hours. On 128 samples 960x600.

I found out that particles are not that random, and didn’t stay inside the given domain / region. As you can observe at the bottom of the globe. White flakes outside the globe.

Have fun, keep rendering.


Add Force Vortex maybe?

And enable colision to the globe?

I made some tests yesterday!

Having the Emiter object on the top with an Wind Force downward and with some noise and a Vortex in Point mode (very important) pointing up and then ajusting the Flow of both, I could achieve a slowly moving particles which start to twirl from the very moment they are spawned, they spread to the sides is really nice to see :smiley:

For the globe solidified a sphere and added Collision. Now they are still passing through the inner layer of the solidify.
I’ll experiment a little more tonight, but think is safe to say that adding another invisible solidified sphere inside the “globe” will “fix” the issue…


Look at this

Rendered in 10 samples to make it fast…

Open this SnowGlobe.blend (3.3 MB)
in Blender 2.8 this is not Eevee (yet :smile:)


Regardless of what ever difficulty you might have had, that was still amazing!

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