Simple Shooter section completed demo video using Unreal 5.1.1


I just completed the section 6 Simple Shooter project using Unreal 5.1.1, although the initial project is written with old version of Unreal Engine but is Unreal 5.1.1 compatible as shown below, it is cool in such a way the character can jumps and shoots simultaneously because I played a transformer game before that Optimus Prime can jumps but cannot transforms in the air :rofl:

UE5 Course - Section 6 Jump & Shoot

The section 6 - Simple Shooter is very comprehensive, it took me about 2-3 weeks to learn and understand, I almost vomits while watching this course ( as replayed the section videos many times ). Once completed, you will be equipped with enough context.

By the way, I did not download the source code, but manually typed the codes during hands-on while learning this section until the end using Unreal Editor 5.1.1

Hopes, this help.

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That’s cool you managed to complete this section in Unreal 5.1.1!

I am planning on doing this section in Unreal 5.1.0 soon but the lectures are still for Unreal 4. Did you run into any major issues or complications because you followed along in Unreal 5 instead of Unreal 4?


hi, thanks for visiting, so far not much problem encountered, you are safe to do it under Unreal 5.1.1

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