Simple bedroom for the Mid-section Challenge + a couple of questions

I really wanted to make those window glasses translucent, but couldn’t figure out how. :blush:

Hope no one minds a few potentially dumb questions here from an early learner:

  1. What’s causing those weird white dots along the edges of the walls?

  2. How does one remove overlapping faces due to extruding? I deleted the front and back of the left wall, then extruded the top and bottom faces + the side faces inward to create an opening for the window, but that caused overlap along the corners. Is there a way to solve the overlap, or should I just avoid doing that in the first place?

(It’s pretty early in the course so I’m guessing I’ll learn better ways to create that window, but figured I’d ask this now in case I encounter the problem again in the future.)


If meshes overlap in the same object, you can merge them

If those are objects, you need to to move one, modify, or delete.
Or change mesh.


Hi FedPete, thanks so much! Really appreciate the reply. I reopened the project and Remove Doubles doesn’t seem to work. Guessing what I did is just bad practice and should avoid doing? Kind of went about it like this:




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Yes, bad work process (your not the first). You extrude edges. This is probably also your problem with the white spots in your color image.

A very cryptic, very short manual on how to make a hole in a face.
Start with a plane, go in edit mode.
Select all 4 vertices.
Use i for inset.
Delete inner face.


I see, thanks so much! I didn’t know about Inset yet, playing around with it now. Very cool.

I appreciate the helpful replies, thank you.

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with the completion of the Mid-Section Challenge, you are actually only 4 videos from the answers to your questions (Insets and Loop Cuts & Slides). These are both very powerful tools when modeling. Down the road, a bit you’ll also learn about a few modifies – like Solidify – that would have made your scene a bit easier to create. As for your windows, advanced materials are covered much later in the 2.7x version of the course and for now, the best advice is to head over to the Blender Website and read up on the various Node types. I found this article to be very helpful for figuring out transparency in Blender 2.8


Hi Capricas_Kirito, thanks so much! That’s great to hear, gonna go through more of the course this weekend. Figured I’d ask first about the overlap thing so I know whether to just avoid it or if I could remedy it somehow before proceeding. I appreciate the article you linked—those settings are a fun rabbit hole, spent more time than I should just playing around with them + lighting setups just now:



Thanks again!


I reeeaalllly like this room. There are so many details to look at! Very nice colors too! ^^


For a beginner you did a really good job! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store! :smiley:

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I love your colours and the amount of details…

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He is a legend!

My motherboard died so I had to take an unexpected Blender break, wasn’t expecting to return to such lovely messages! Thank you so much. :heart:


Anytime for my fellow game developers !

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