Signals are first class citizens in Godot 4

Instead of emit_signal("took_damage"), you can now do took_damage.emit().


Hi and welcome to the community :wave:

Yep, totally :slight_smile:

Kaan did touch upon the new signal emission ways later on in the course.

Do you find the new way of doing it any easier or more straight forward?

Ah, yes. I just watched the session where he talked about the new way. Guess I should have waited.

I’m an old-school developer, so I like the type-hinting system in Godot 4. Using that, I can use autocomplete and be sure I don’t have a typo. Either way works. I just like to have more strictness.

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Aye same here, I’m not generally a big fan of the dynamic nature of python-esque like gdscript.
Grew up with basic and VB/c++ so I like being able to put a more strict typing spin on functions etc just for my own debugging sanity more than anything else heh

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