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I use subdivision modifiers and shrink-wrap to retopologize my model. But when I applied shrink wrap… I lose details. Any solution where I can apply without losing details?

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Not sure what you are trying to achieve, but the shrink wrap needs to have the same amount of details (vertices) or even more than the shrink-wrapped object.

So, is it a resolution detail …?


Im trying to retopologize ssculpted model using shrink wrap for animation model. I use subdivision modifiers on top of shrink wrap modifier. Is there a way where I can apply the shrink wrap without losing model details while keeping subdivision modifiers active, so I don’t have to increase the polycount.

this is my model with shrink wrap active:

this is after I applied shrink wrap:

Why use a subdiv on the low poly? The point is it wants to be that lower poly. It will not have the mesh detail, obviously. The details are faked by the normal map etc, baked onto the low poly from the sculpted high poly. You cant have the mesh details in the LP.


thank you both for help. Was thinking of using normal map, but I found out I can use multi resolution modifier too to get the same detail with lower poly count. Do you think using multi resolution modifier is a good practice? as long I don’t apply the modifier, it wont increase the number of faces. Or normal map is the way to go?

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You are going about it the wrong way really. There is a good and probably the best workflow using the multires option. You model the character by proper box modelling not sculpting. Effectively starting with the ‘re topology’. This kept low poly and with good topology. (more or less like your middle image) Then you use the multires to increase the vert count a lot, and sculpt in the details you want. Then you bake the details on the high version multi res, down onto the base low poly version.


thank you for sharing your process of character creation. I will keep that in mind.

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