Showing the Ogre in Unity

Hello everyone,

After a week of very high temperatures these last 6 days have been more friendly towards working on the computer !

First i wanted to thank Grant and everyone else for the course and input/help offered throughout the course. The course helped me to understand some fundamental challenges i had in the past doing character creation that blocked the outcomes that I had hoped. (especially the baking part after retopology)

Done all the steps in the previous video’s to export our beloved Ogre to Unity with all the animations and such.

Because I did not want to show the Ogre on a simple plain, I threw in some assets I already had made as well as a simple NPC script that makes the character move to set destination points in the scene.

Some Details on the Character:

23 Object
15.270 faces
17.146 triangles

In the scene shown in the video, we had roughly 250k Tri’s.

Ogre in Unity

I could have spend more time on optimizing the normal maps and the low poly model and spend more time perfecting this ogre, but I want to start on the Environment: Creating 3D Worlds course.

For me the 2 hardest parts in game development are Characters (Animated) and ‘Open’ worlds in 3D.



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