Show us what you got! Your Game Kit sandbox that is

Here’s the place to show what you’ve come up with so far for your sandbox. I’d love to see a screenshot!

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This was my attempt. It took me a while, and I think I might have over-cluttered it a bit. Some of the things in the distance seem to lose their edge as a result. The jumping task in this was being able to jump over the wall if you first jump to the ledges on either side of the door.


Great work, I like it!

I wanted to show you a screenshot of a bit of my project, but then I realized that I don’t know how to take screenshots.
That’s the best I can do. I really liked the way that if you change the size and rotation, you can make the same asset look extremely different. Perhaps you could let me know if there is a better way to take a screenshot in unity?

Best way to take a screenshot if you’re on pc is to use the snipping tool. Hit Windows Key + S to bring up your search window, then type in “snipping”. That tool will allow you to drag around an area on your screen to take a screenshot.

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Hey :slight_smile: ,
I started this course today and have so much fun so far. In order not to overdo it, I set a time limit of 45 minutes and the following came out of it

43 38


It’s hard remembering not to go overkill just yet, but I’m having a lot of fun so far. Decided to take the “stuff to jump on” goal a step further and go for a little platforming. Tried making a little video of the platforming path, too, but I’m not sure if that’s appropriate for this thread given that the instruction was for screenies :stuck_out_tongue:

Starting point.

Mid-point of platforming path. Dropship marks endpoint.

Part of the background, just having fun with toppled bits of wall.


Hope everything works with screenshots. Its a lot of fun to work with unity. And very gratefull that a game kit is provided, so everyone interested can make a game for themselfes =)


I found the water assets so I decided to tilt the whole ground plane into the water. I wanted some light platforming so made this little spiral tower, which would of course have some sort of reward or progression at the top.


I walled off the whole play area and put up platforms off of one wall, some big stones in the middle and finished it up with a bridge to nowhere :expressionless:
figured to stop there before getting carried away.


That bridge configuration is pretty boss. :+1:

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I tried to complete as much as the callenge requested, I think i need to polish on some details or add more to the environment but this is what I have.

This is like a first level the idea is that the ship was wrecked so the only way to travel is through the Gateway bu only if the player manages to get to the top and touch the magic stone.

This was very funny I’m eager to learn more about it.

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Here is a shot of a nice little scene.

It is such a great learning exercise to see how things are constructed. The assets the scripts, the components and the way it is structured.

One observation. With the LOD. When you scale an object the collider doesn’t seem to scale as well when I used the rect tool. I guess that is something to consider. Am I right or did I miss something

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I don’t really know what happened, but I keep dying when I go to one location on the map. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am at, " Add Geometry To Scene" 2 minutes into the video on the course.

Looks like you are hitting a death volume. In scene mode see if you can find any naughty colliders that are in places they aren’t supposed to be.

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Ended up just redoing the scene. thanks for the info.

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Looks good.

My level after around 1h.

The only thing I am finding difficult is to navigate through the scene since the grid lines are everywhere and a little bit confusing.

I decided to build one giant level with different areas in the level. I was going for a town, village, snow mountains, fort, grasslands, dungeon and the nature pack from synth studios for the base nature world. The process took me two weeks. But I am so happy with what I created!!

It might not be simple but I wanted to share what happens when you get carried away!

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