Show us what you got! Your Game Kit sandbox that is

Here’s the place to show what you’ve come up with so far for your sandbox. I’d love to see a screenshot!

This was my attempt. It took me a while, and I think I might have over-cluttered it a bit. Some of the things in the distance seem to lose their edge as a result. The jumping task in this was being able to jump over the wall if you first jump to the ledges on either side of the door.


Great work, I like it!

I wanted to show you a screenshot of a bit of my project, but then I realized that I don’t know how to take screenshots.
That’s the best I can do. I really liked the way that if you change the size and rotation, you can make the same asset look extremely different. Perhaps you could let me know if there is a better way to take a screenshot in unity?

Best way to take a screenshot if you’re on pc is to use the snipping tool. Hit Windows Key + S to bring up your search window, then type in “snipping”. That tool will allow you to drag around an area on your screen to take a screenshot.

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Hey :slight_smile: ,
I started this course today and have so much fun so far. In order not to overdo it, I set a time limit of 45 minutes and the following came out of it