Should we disregard the saving asset pack section?

Because of the problems with binaryformatting is the next section now pointless?

The whole rpg series is built on the saving system so skipping it may not be advisable. Afterwards, you can find @Brian_Trotter’s posts on changing it, but you need to have it in the project. The only problem is that it’s not secure and while you are developing it, no-one will be looking at it and thinking; “Oh, I can inject malicious code into it and run it on my own machine.”

Here is my Saving System tutorial for converting the Saving System from the BinaryFormatter to Json.
Note that it encompasses the default classes of all four courses, but what you can do is implement the system and then as you learn about each class, when we do the Capture/RestoreState, simply implement the code for that class then.


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