Should the timer be added to the Player scene instead of the Player node in Level1?

You add the VisionModeTimer to the Player node of Level1. Should you instead open the Player scene and the timer there?

The Camera2D is also on the Player node, not the scene. That seems more reasonable since it would be possible to instance the Player into a new level that uses a different Camera.

The timer, however, is now required for the script to work, so it should to be added to the Player scene. Otherwise, when you instance the Player into a new level, there is no timer and the timeout function is never triggered.

Good point! I hadn’t spotted that. I shall have to make a note to correct that in an upcoming video.


Thanks @DanielMcPherson I’ve decided to do the same.

I might change the sound later. volume but turning it down for now is great for my sanity.

I used what I think is a more simple approach for the vision mode switching cooldown solution. I set the timer one_shot property as true then I just add $VsionModeCooldownTimer.is_stopped() to the Input check and $VisionModeCooldownTimer.start() to cycle_vision_mode in this way you don’t need additional extra variables or signal connections.

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