Should I stop and do the things I dont like or keep barreling ahead?!

guys… i had a game i wanted to make AND I wanted to learn GODOT… so I started a new project, dont remember doing any project settings configs because Im a noob and so just started away. Its pretty much a UI game … ( old school D&D kind of thing ) … I feel like its going great, Ive put quite a few hours in and Im through a bunch of things I wanted to get through … BUT!!! I am starting to get nervous, very nervous… I havent really worried about looks or design OR resolution. SOMEONE TELL ME… do I keep going and making it play and be the game I want and then worry about all that stuff, or do I stop ( which I really dont want to do but dont want to be big burned later ) and get the resolution and other things done??? I’m an engineering guy and am afraid that if I get lost in the design and layout too much that Ill just quit… so many words, sorry.

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Hi Tvance,

My advice to you is to add the things when it is needed.
For example UI wouldnt be needed at the start of a game that needs a health bar until you have a working health system and you can test its working using logs to the console.
Resolution might be something you want t look at soon as it can affect the positioning of UI and then fix any issues before adding a lot more functionality to your game.
If you are meaning how the game looks in terms of colour and UI design then that can be done at any stage as its cosmetic but i recently stumbled across something that refers to UI design in apps, The principals are called C.R.A.P - Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity which might be something for you to read up on that will help your decisions.

Hope this helps a little and good luck in your game development :slight_smile:


I don’t know Godot yet, but the engines I’ve dabbled in have had in common that you can changer whatever variables you want to change if you change your mind on something down the line.

I’d say barrel on, my wayward son. There’ll be peace when you are done.


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:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
Thanks my friend! My biggest worry is resolution down the line but… dont ya cry no more!!!

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To try to keep your momentum later on, you could write a letter to Future-You about all the things that are making you excited right now. All the dreams and reasons for why you’re making this game.

Then, later on, when you feel your motivation begin to slip, fish out Past-You’s letter, and remind yourself what it is you love about your project :slight_smile:

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