Should I start with the 3D or 2D course first?

I got both courses from humble bundle a while back
Which is best to start with? The only knowledge I have of unity is just fundamental level knowledge I got from unity’s beginner tutorial on their website

Hi Azure,

Thanks a lot for purchasing our courses. :slight_smile:

The Unity 2D and 3D course basically cover the same fundamentals of Unity. One focuses more on 2D (sprites) and 2D physics, the other one more on 3D (meshes) and 3D physics. And each course has got its own projects and teaches you a few additional tricks and techniques. It does not matter where you start.

So the question is rather: What are you interested in? Are you more interested in 2D or 3D games? And what do you want to do after you completed both courses?

The latter could be interesting if you plan to purchase more of our courses. Our Unity courses for intermediate students is mainly focussing on 3D games. For this reason, it could make sense to start with the 2D course, then continue with the 3D course.

Did this help a bit? :slight_smile:

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I started with the 2D course, and am now almost finished with the 3D course. I’m glad I’m doing both, and after doing the 2D course I’m flying through the 3D, so based on my experience I would recommend starting with 2D. I think it helped to learn the core concepts only having to worry about up and down movement/placement.

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