Should I go Blender course before Bowlmaster part of unity course?

Hello there,

Big question here, I’ll follow Blender course whatever happens and I’m approching the end of Glitch garden.
I’m not abble to choose my next step :smiley:

If someone did both these courses or if staff have a suggestion, I take it :wink:


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I think this is all really down to your personal preferences.

Glitch Garden and Bowl Master and big sections in the course, if you’re feeling a little frazzled then perhaps doing a different course for a little while will be refreshing for you.

That said, Zombie Runner is short than Bowl Master, and introduces you to FPS style games, after that the remaining parts of the course are notably shorter.

It will come down to what you want to do personally really. :slight_smile:

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choice will be hard :smiley:

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Just have a think about what you want to do. :slight_smile:

Some people like to see something through all the way, so perhaps if you were this type of person you may like to complete one course fully before going on to the next.

Equally, stopping at the end of a section is probably better than stopping half way through one, maybe you need a little break from the programming aspect and want to get hands-on with a different type of creativity.

Maybe you are one of those people who like to run courses in parallel, perhaps there is scope for you to start the Blender course as well, and then hop between the two.

I think only you will know yourself well enough to know what type of person you are when it comes to studying/learning. You sound very keen to start the Blender course.

A good way to keep hold of the Unity knowledge you have acquired could be to start the Blender course, start making some models, and then come back to Unity, make your own project and get those models into it and just experiment/player etc.

Yep, finally, after finishing Unity S07 I go to blender for some times :wink:
I’m in a hurry to finish the unity course but I need some fresh air before going further :smiley:

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