Should I gitignore assets like Umodeler and Pathpainter?

I have a couple of assets (like the ones in the title) that I use to shape or make the environment. Can I safely Gitignore these, or will that influence the objects I made with them? Any advise will be appreciated, thanks:)!

Hi Paula,

Thanks for the great question.
If i remember correctly you should always gitignore assets as some are licensed to not be redistributed and if using a public repo it could be seen to be doing so.
It shouldnt affect the terrain as its already altered it and this is the case for most assets.
If you did a full restore from the github to a new project you would need to add the assets back to load missing textures or buildings depending on the pack.

Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot, that was the answer I was looking for^^. With Umodeler you make special objects called Umodeler objects, so I was wondering if gitignoring Umodeler would make it that I dont save these type of obejcts.

Ah i understand a little more about the asset you are using.
I would be sure that the actual models used in the scene are created in a different folder to the umodeller asset as that might cause an issue as then the created models would be ignored from the gitignore.
It depends on the asset and where it stores those models once created.
Normally i ignore the buildings as well in the gitignore but these are created using the asset so you cant easily replace them if you need to do a full wipe.
If these are saved with prefabs in a seperate folder it may be worth backing up those buildings locally so they can be replaced or consider private repos

Hope this helps a little more :slight_smile:

Ah, thank you! I will go on an expedition to find out where Umodeler stores its objects^^. Thanks again for the help:).

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