Should I be taking this course currently?

I am not currently working on a game or any project but wanted to get ahead of any potential “Designer Block” and develop better working habits that will help me prosper in what I want to accomplish.

So my question is should I wait until I am currently working on something or start something to get the most out of the course or will I still get the benefit form this course if I am currently not working on an active project?

I am taking other Udemy course though so should I just apply these lessons to those courses? However I am not really having any trouble with those courses or having trouble finishing them.

So far I have found parts of the workbook really helpful and am kinda soft planning to implement aspects of it into my Game Design Doc process.

Personally i would finish the course and then you are armed with the knowledge before hand but you can always come back to reference it later if you find yourself blocked or losing focus on the course or even your own game developement later down the line.

Hope this helps

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Cool, Cool. Just didn’t know if I could do the upcoming challenges maybe make the challenges have to do with finishing the course itself? Iunno I’ll have a think if I get stuck on a challenge.

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