Shortcuts are LIFE! also Measuring tool!

Shortcuts are the only way I’m going to survive all this, They are wonderful. You said you didn’t know the length of the top of the pyramid I thought I would mention the Ruler/Protractor in case anyone was interested in a way to actually measure your builds.

I also found the shortcuts very useful. Where did you go to activate the ruler/protractor tool?

I found the ruler with a little help from the Blender online manual. On the Toolbar Shelf, go to the Grease Pencil tab. There is a Ruler/Protractor button. Click it to enter the ruler mode. The 3D view header bar will now show keyboard controls for this mode. You can draw multiple measurement lines, have them snap, and measure angles depending on the shortcut keys you use. The shortcut keys appear listed on the header bar until you exit this mode by pressing Esc. Here’s the ruler/protractor page in the manual, too:

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