Shortcut tooltips not showing

I’ve noticed some differences in what I’m seeing compared to the Blender 3.2 beta in the Complete Blender Creator 3 course.

For instance, when hovering over the loop cut icon on the toolbar, the course shows a hint as to being able to use Ctrl-R in the tooltip.

When I hover over this, I do not see that hint.


Is there a place in preferences to turn this on? I do have user tooltips enabled

I’m using Blender 3.5.0


Hi, Blender is updated in a very fast pace! Including new features and bugs.
You don’t need to have the latest version of Blender!
You can have multiple versions of Blender also.

So why don’t you install an older version of Blender, just to follow the course in the same version?!


That did solve my problem. I guess it wasn’t a preferences thing. Interesting.

As it turns out, that only helped because it gave me default preferences.

This change in preferences is what causes the shortcuts to drop out of the tooltips:

Spacebar Action set to Play or Tools works fine but when it’s set to Search, then you loose the shortcuts in the tooltips.

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