Shortcut keys feedback

I must say I am loving the shortcut keys introduced so far! They are quite useful for any kind of work you will be doing in the future.

There is one very basic shortcut Im missing tho, a way to make a region selection, specially in previous lessons where we have to select multiple vertices close to each other. Shift + Click is not the best way to select several vertices might be resting on top of each other, a area selection would do great there. Im honestly desperate to know how to do it, I feel restrained unable to select objects freely in the screen.

There is a couple of area select tools im aware of. Thats the box select ‘B’ and the circle select ‘C’ that i find handy for area selection.

The circle select works a little different ive found in left clicking adds and use the scroll wheel to adjust radius , also that holding shift ( i think its shift im not at pc to test) will remove from the selection, and once you have selected what u want, either ESC or right click to come out of circle select mode.

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I see, the Box selection works better than the Circle, which lets you locked in that viewport angle until you blank click to toggle it off, still better than Shift + Clicking everything, lol.

Thank you!

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I think that shortcuts are the great feature to save lots of time, so I love shortcuts. Thank You for paying them so mush attention.

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Another select tool that I like to use is CTRL-LMB - this lets you draw a shape around what you would like to select.


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