Shortcut key feedback

The shortcut keys were great. Coming from 3ds max I’m eager to learn all the new hotkeys to make modeling as fast as possible in blender

I agree. I usually do not use shortcut keys, but the way it is done in the lectures, it is easy to follow and to learn. I also started using them myself, so please keep doing it!

Couldn’t agree more!
For me the most useful feature is the space bar + search for the method. It is very useful!!

Agree, I think shortcut keys is very powerful feature of blender and gradual study them in lectures is effective.

The keys are great-but a little confusing for a full noob–since we had not discussed prior. The only other thing that I am a little lost on is–moving around, trying to get my views in the right spot-but / seems to get me centered up/


it didn’t seem overwhelming to me. It also seems that if i can learn them i can work faster. Good job teaching so far.

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