Short script (plugin) for sprite sheets

Hey all,

I found this cool plugin for to convert a .xcf file with n frames into a sprite sheet of n-grids. It made my life so much easier when trying to convert a frame-based animation (like our GIFs earlier in the course) to a spritesheet for making animations in Unity.

While the original is here ( ) I seemed to always get a bug with his code that I fixed in mine below, so you might like to try both and see what works. I attached my slightly modified file here: (1.6 KB)

If you are using Mac OSX I recomment saving the .py file in the folder β€œ/Applications/” . In GIMP preferences, you can choose your plugin folder in the preferences setting : Preferenences => Folders => Plug-ins, and I recommend just having one, but you should be able to have more than one.

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