Short script (plugin) for sprite sheets

Hey all,

I found this cool plugin for to convert a .xcf file with n frames into a sprite sheet of n-grids. It made my life so much easier when trying to convert a frame-based animation (like our GIFs earlier in the course) to a spritesheet for making animations in Unity.

While the original is here ( ) I seemed to always get a bug with his code that I fixed in mine below, so you might like to try both and see what works. I attached my slightly modified file here: (1.6 KB)

If you are using Mac OSX I recomment saving the .py file in the folder “/Applications/” . In GIMP preferences, you can choose your plugin folder in the preferences setting : Preferenences => Folders => Plug-ins, and I recommend just having one, but you should be able to have more than one.

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Cool mate. Thanks for sharing this. Looks super useful! I’m trying to make my own site that it will enable beer sales as well as providers of service related products. It will be a WordPress domain that will involve quite a few technical aspects. It’s usually hard to make such a site easily understandable but since I have found a wordpress booking plugin that can allow you to create a huge database of all sorts of businesses that are related to your product. For me that was a must to create a great interface.

For those wondering, the default python script folder for GIMP’s Python-fu in Windows is D:\Utilities\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins

As well, here is a more accessible link to a download of the the (modified) python script. I hope this is OK with OP, I am not going to modify it, just provide a link on my google drive to it.

Thank you for the script, OP!

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