Short notes on tank game



After a little bit of research as Ben described at the end of the video, here are my notes:

It looks like there are four different kinds of movement that the controls have to handle: (1) moving the tank back and forth, (2) turning it, and (3) rotating the turret independent of the tank and (4) raising/lowering it.

About #4, I did learn that the M1 Abrams has some electric motors[1] that stabilize its turret as the tank is going up and downhill. Maybe that’s beyond the scope of this tutorial, but I thought I’d share it.

Finally, about features, it looks like World of Tanks just has a percentage system for health, and I assume damage isn’t broken down by part of the tank.

(Have to admit I haven’t played World of Tanks as of writing these notes. Downloading the engine was rough on a 1.5Mbps connection, but 11GB is gonna take a while :frowning: )