You are the army jet pilot Rick Richards, after a long day filed with exhausting missions. On your way to the bunker you suddenly feel the unquenchable thirst for a big, juicy hot-dog.

Not feeling the desire of walking all the way to the hot-dog join down town, he quickly spotted a free jet parked near by.

With a graceful hop, he entered the plane and quickly took off.

He could almost taste the hot-dog already, when he suddenly became surrounded with enemy fighter jet planes. They were all around him!

With growing dismay he noticed that they were not an enemy fighters. In fact theses were his own colleagues and friends from the base, beginning to coalesce into attacking formation! Attacking him!

This could have only one explanation – they were trying to stop him having his hot-dog!

So be it…

If they wanted to cross swords with him, that was fine with him. But they would not deny him from the one thing he most desire. He could do only one thing…

He would SHOOT THEM ALL!!!

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Oh, crap! This hot-dog must be the ONE :flushed:

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