Shoot Hoop: Halloween Build

Hey devs, here’s a WebGL build of my ShootHoop game built in Section 3 of the VR course! Seeing as it’s the Halloween’ing season, and since we all know everything is better with zombies, I put a bit of a spooky spin on the game:

Post-apocalyptic Shoot Hoop on Gamebucket
Post-apocalyptic Free Throw on

I replaced the baskets with steel barrels, and threw in some zombies for good measure. I’m particularly pleased with the barrel physics: the barrels can detect collisions both inside and out, and they have rigidbodies, something which isn’t exactly straightforward. Unity5 doesn’t allow non-convex colliders to have rigidbodies (or so the error said), so I came up with a work-around. Next step: build this to GearVR!

Brick, pavement, barrel, fence textures from (public domain assets)
Zombie is a free asset from the Asset Store

Happy Halloween!


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