Ship not colliding with objects

Hey guys, I think this may be an easy answer I can’t see, but I added more meshes to my ship to build it up further, added them all as a child of the Player node, but the new parts are not colliding with any objects? I tried adding a collider

and a collision shape not but I don’t know how to get past the errors that came up, can anyone explain to me why the new meshes are not inheriting the collision shape 3d that is a child of the Player node?

Your NodePaths don’t match what you have in your scene tree. Is it possible that they used to exist here, and then you dragged Body out to be a direct child of Player?

Updating these references might be enough to fix the whole thing, but either way it should get you closer.

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Yes I believe that is exactly what I did. I’ve tried deleting the second half of the ship that I added and scaling the ship to make it taller, but physics only applies to half of the ship, I notice there is a blue cut in the middle. Is there a way to fix that to apply physics to the whole length of the ship?

I can’t be certain because I’m not really sure what you mean by physics only applying to half the ship, but it sounds like maybe your CollisionShape is no longer aligned with the Mesh data. CollisionShapes are the means by which physics bodies interact with the physics engine, so if you’re only getting physics interactions on part of the mesh, I’d look there.

Actually, if the blue lines you’re talking about are the same ones in your earlier screenshots, I’m almost certain that’s your CollisionShape =)


So yes that was correct, I just figured it out. I was using the default sizing of the CollisionShape on the rocket and scaled the mesh instead of scaling the collider. What I just realised looking at the wireframe is that the mesh won’t just inherit the properties of the collider on the entire mesh, I needed to scale it properly to fit the mesh itself so that physics will apply to the whole model.

Thank you for letting me know, I feel satisfied now but was starting to really feel useless lol :grinning:


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