I do not have a video capture program as of yet, so I’ll just have to make do with some screenshots.

I used Mass = .085, which I admit might be a little low but I suppose that would depend on the size of the overall environment.


For the most part, sheep just goes up and down. I can play a little bit with the spacebar and make the sheep tilt, mostly when its just about to land.


Something that I will need to fix is the collision shape of the Sheep. Right now its a box, so when Sheep falls on its back, it decides it is just not going to move anywhere! Stubborn Sheep.



That sheep is cool! I had a problem with my spaceship being unbalanced because of the tail, which made it tilt. I fixed it by adding a collider to the thrusters/base and making the collider wider, like a foot.


I had not considered weight distribution! My sheep tends to tilt to the left at times. I will keep that in mind, thanks! All this stuff about rigidbodies is so cool! Can’t wait!
GK :smiley:

That is amazing!
Did you make the sheep?

Saul :smiley:

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Hi GamesBySaul1,

Thank you!!
Yes, I did make the sheep! I used basic 3d shapes in Paint3D.

Have a nice day! :smiley:

Nice. I like the sheep in this as well. It’s great to have fun with these lessons.

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