Sharing project files between multiple computers

I am wondering is there a way to share game files so if I am my home pc vs my work laptop I can still access the same files and don’t have to build from scratch? Can I use drop box as a folder option when starting a new project? that way it links to both pc’s? They are both windows 10. Any help would make my life easier or can I use a thumb drive as a storage?

You can either use git (github and bitbucket are good online options) to keep the same version across two computers, or you can use the inbuilt Unity Collaborate.

Both options are Version Control Systems, which is the kind of tool that would best suits to your needs imo

I am total noob. any suggestions on learning how to use any of these functions?

Just google it, there is a ton of information about those:

*Unity Collaborate tutorial
*Git Version Control
*TreeSource Git Interface

Even after that if you don’t manage to get it working, you can PM me (If you are Brazilian, you can PM me in portuguese)

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