Sharing:Please check out my text based game and tell me what you think

High everyone. Hope your course is going well. based on what I have learned so far I wanted to share a text based game that I created for a school project based on what I have learned on this course. Please click on link below and provide criticism and suggestions. Note that I stopped at number wizard UI and am creating a UI version of the game were it jumps from scene to scene and displays images as well. Once I have successfully applied what I have learned I will proceed with the next.

Thank You
Udemy /College student.

I like the music it’s creepy and I almost closed the browser when it started playing haha.

There were some typos and grammatical errors but I understand your work overall.

So the structure of your game is

Start screen and initial text then 4 choices with each choices leading to different ends. I think you did what you wanted there without any programming problems.

It’s pretty cool :smile:

Thank you .

This was actually for a school project. I really appreciate you taking the
time to review and provide me with your feedback.

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