Sharing my Text Adventure - Buried Alive - Feedback welcome!

Hey everyone,

I just finished my first version of the Text Adventure project. I’m surprised that I had more fun than I initially thought I would. Let me know what you think as well as any constructive criticism.

Extended “Features”

  • Background color animations
  • Sound Effect


Buried Alive - Text Adventure - CraigItsFryday

I guess your game expired…maybe its way past 30 days when you posted in game bucket… maybe you can repost again…I’d like to see your game.

It’s actually because it’s using the old Unity Web Player, modern browsers no longer have the necessary support for the underlying technology which was used to support this.

If @CraigItsFryday was to rebuild in Unity 5.3+ using WebGL and upload it, you’d be able to play it :slight_smile:

Hey @Rob, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve rebuilt using WebGL at the same link. Thanks for your interest @Parag_Mahala. Feel free to share any suggestions or comments. Thanks!

@CraigItsFryday, just played your game a few times - really nice, well done. I especially like the use of colour you have used in the story, a very clever way of making a text based game more immersive. Well done. :slight_smile:

Oh great! Thanks for playing it and the kind words. I think I may have one bug with the watch state to fix, but I’m pretty happy with the results. I may eventually add in mouse support so you can click on an option or type a key.

You’re more than welcome, and your ideas about the mouse input are good as it will not only enhance your game but also push you to learn more to do it.

If you are going to add mouse support you could add an options screen where the player could choose their preferred input method, not particularly because you need it, but it would again be another way to enhance the game and push yourself. Maybe even a little background music… a heartbeat could be a nice sound effect, perhaps beating more rapidly when you are in those imminent danger moments in the story, would help guide the player a bit too :slight_smile:

This is awesome! The coloring was an amazing touch, I loved the subtle pulsing of it as I read through. How did you achieve it?

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Hi Suraj,

Glad you liked it! I accomplished this with two concepts. Manipulating the main camera object’s background color and using some handy built in Mathf class functions. Here’s an example of how I transitioned the background color from black to red signaling the blood loss in the story.

//this is declared at the top
public Color color1 =;
public Color color2 =;
public float duration = 3f;

// this is placed within a state    
// transition the background color of the camera from black to red
    		float t = Mathf.Repeat(Time.time, duration) / duration;
    		mainCamera.backgroundColor = Color.Lerp(color1, color2, t);

I recommend reviewing the Unity documentation on the Mathf class. That will give you some options on controlling how the color the moves. Then I’m just grabbing a reference to what the backgroundColor of the mainCamera is set to. I use Lerp which is a command that moves from one value to another (color1 to color2), while t is the time it takes to move from color1 to color2. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks again!

I liked the color ambiance, it was cool, I liked the setting of the story. You mentioned you have been making games for years, I really expected it to be alot better. The color shifting isn’t that easy, it was a cool feature. I feel you could have done much more with the sound, I mean you have beeping noises, but you could have maybe a soundtrack, breathing sounds, sounds of the lighter, sounds of the casket opening. There’s no inventory system, I mean you figured out how to make the flashing colors that is harder than the stuff I’m talking about, adding booleans or whatever. Programatically this is pretty weak, aside from the flashing colors, from a programming perspective, in some ways your game is easier to make that what the instructor had in mind. Fewer states, no real inventory.

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