Sharing my Terrain after 2 days of work

as the tittle says, hope you like the images :smiley:

its so shameful that its just chaotic but, im quite the chaotic person (and my basically first design :smiley:)


I think it looks interesting! I would like to see what it looks like from the playerโ€™s perspective. Also, maybe the mountains would benefit from a little smoothing?

Keep it up!

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I agree with AltDemon, a bit of smoothing would really improve the look and feel of your terrain!

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thanks for the feed back guys. you are absolutely correct.
already did a lot of smoothing in it :slight_smile: and it really does look better.
(it looked way too artificial with all these pointy mountains :smiley: ).

Hey @MoMutrz - itโ€™s really interesting landscape, and I would agree with the other comments already posted. The only other thing I might suggest would be to perhaps have less of a harsh difference between the textures, simply going back over the top of the already applied ones with another a few times, just gently here and there may make a considerable difference. same on the green grassy areas, perhaps use something a little darker around the edges of the roads/paths, blending it in a little bit, and some patches here and there on the flat areas too, just to break it up a bit.

I can imagine this must have taken you some time, I remember dabbling with a corner when I had a play and that took ages, youโ€™ve certainly invested a huge amount of effort into this and as @AltDemon says, it would be interesting to see it from the players perspective also.

Nice work - keep going :slight_smile:

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@Rob thanks for your feed back too
i agree you are correct making the textures "blend in"togather would make it look nicer.
and yeah i guess it kind of did take me a while :D, and i shall upload how it looks from player perspective once the section is done :slight_smile: (though i must say, it looks prettier from above hehe :smiley: )

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