Sharing my Progress: Ogre with some finer details, belt, shuckle and cloth

So, I’ve just finished “Detail Sculpting” section and here’s my result :hugs:


Great work! Looks amazing.Lots of fun and details.Looks like you took your time perfecting even the smallest details.Love the elephant legs!And it looks like he doesn’t like wearing clothes very much.Old school! :wink: Have fun!


Thank you so much! Yes, I tried to do some extra work on the details just so I could have a better understanding of some tools and brushes, still need some practice but since this is my first attemt, I’ll go a bit easier on myself haha :slight_smile: And yeah, he likes to feel free and one with nature :evergreen_tree: :underage:

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It is looking suitably crusty and horrible! :grinning: