Sharing My Low Poly Landscape

Wrapped up the Blender Low Poly Landscape Mini Course, and here’s what I came up with. I took mine in a bit of a different direction based on some loose concepts I had, but was definitely able to follow the course and leverage all the techniques demonstrated. Another great course worth the time and effort, after doing this course and the Blender Environments course, I certainly have a much firmer grasp on object and level art in Blender. Good stuff!

World Detail

Cabin Detail

Full View

Ship It!


Very interesting variations from the course design. Perhaps some witches’ home?


Thanks! Yeah, I was thinking something like a secluded meditation shrine. The idea I was working under was if this were in game, it would be like one of the sanctuaries in Salt & Sanctuary or like a bonfire in Dark Souls, somewhere the player would go to rest/level up/etc. so I wanted it to feel like some breathing room, a place of space, something like that.


Really like the artsyle :+1:

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This is so amazing. Live the house and the winder land scape.

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Thank you! Yeah, I definitely had some fun with it, who knows, maybe it’ll make it into one of my games!

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