Sharing my Laser Defender Game - Hope you have fun!

I went a couple days of work beyond the base design just to see what I could do.

For some reason the arrow keys don’t do a very good job of moving diagonally while I’m holding the space bar (space bar + multiple arrow keys) but there’s no problem with using the WASD keys in the same way. For best results, use WASD!

Anyone have any ideas why this happens?

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You need to get a better keyboard.

This thread explains the problem better than I can:

Nice work @TrojanHorse. Really smooth gameplay. Only thing else that I would want is maybe some weapon powerups but other than that its a very good game! I was a bit surprised when the big ship showed up and promptly got destroyed. Looking to see more from you!

@wesley The bosses will all drop weapon power-ups!

Thank you for the encouragement!

Thanks for the answer @chris.claus42. I tried it out on my wife’s keyboard and she has no problems with the arrow keys. I guess “gaming keyboards” don’t need the arrow keys anyway.

Arrow keys worked fine for me. 112,800 points. I enjoyed that! Great job.

Awesome! Since I didn’t get past the boss the first time I didn’t notice that. The bosses are pretty tough! That or I just suck at it. Still great game!

Dead link :frowning:

@darkokubra That’s because links are only good for 30 days. It’s not intended for permanent game hosting.

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