Sharing my Game, Eldritch Shooter

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share my game, Eldritch Shooter. I recently finished the Unity 2D Course at Udemy, and after the “Space Shooter” module I decided to implement new enemies, waves and my own art in the project, following the instructors suggestion. I’m satisfied with the results even if there were lots of ideas that I decided to write down for future projects as to keep the scope of this one more manageable, and I’m looking for any feedback you can give me so I can improve.

I’m particulaly interested in how Hard you think the game is, and if you agree with a specific thing I noticed: I feel like there is not much encouragement for the player to advance further into the enemy lines, so this would be a reason to add powerups that spawn in the upper areas of the screen, creating a high-risk/high-reward option for the player.

Tell me what you think, please, and feel free to contact me through LinkedIn to talk about Game Development and Art:

Here are screenshots and a link to play the game in the browser:

Play Here!