Sharing my..Arkanoid2020

there are also random blocks, which Instantiate a Life, an extra Ball, or a power up that makes the paddle larger.

This is my first game ever, thanks to Rick and Ben from the Beginner Courses.

The prototype is only up to 6 Levels, you can play the game here:

Any Feeback will be extremely helpful.


Cool! You implemented extra balls and a pick up item! I wanted to do that but ran out of time with the deadline I imposed myself haha good job! :smiley:
Also, the trail effect looks nice. It’s a little slow paced and I was disappointed that the balls could go between the top of the level and the top row of bricks but overall the game feels nice and smooth to play :smile:

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Glad you liked it! Thank you for the feedback !

10 months ago I was still new at this, going through my first steps into game development! Memories! I remember I was stuck with this game for a while trying to implement new things, like lives, balls, etc etc - I had the right ideas but I didn’t know how to solve if any bugs showed up. I really loved the process, the creativity, and I learn so much. Then I realized “I am here for too long, I should move on with the lessons”, and I let it go. Yes, I was aware of those bugs, but I had to let go :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have the code, I could probably upload an update. I am much more experienced now than I was back then, maybe I can make it much better just for the fun of it :smiley:

PS this was also my first touch with any graphic program, in this case photoshop haha