Sharing my 30 Day Commitment

Here is my new commitment for the project I am working on.

I am committing to working this number of hours per week on this project:

  • 40 hours a week dedicated to the project.
  • 2 hours of the 40 hours a week dedicated to music practice.

My project will be in the following state in 30 days time (describe your project):

  • The player can use a one-shot Scorch and Flow spell
  • The player can drive a beetle around an open area.
  • The player can return the beetle to the main tower.
  • The player can make stalactites fall
  • The player can heal their mana health and save the game at shrines.
  • The player can make rocks fall to make paths
  • The player can hunt down crawling enemies for moon clay
  • The player can use the astral smelter at the top of the central tower
  • The player can save the astral tower state and the beetle state
  • The player can teleport themselves and their beetle to the top of the astral tower with a learnable incantation.

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