Sharing a file to find out what is happening with my lighting

this is the drop box link to the file with the issue.

Eevee render everything looks fine, Cycles render the shield has shadows that make the faces look like they have additional Geometry.

Spoke on the Q&A with this one.
Looking at the model the lighting is forcing twisting in the faces due to the tight angles.
This doesnt show on the mesh analysis so its a case of more geometry and tweaking to smooth it out whilst keeping the low poly mesh removing edge loops later.
Or maybe make the less of a sharp pointed curve.

You can recreate the issue as i think Mikey showed over in our environments course if you take a cube and move one vertex up, eventually it comes to a point where the faces folds and becomes appearingly two faces when in fact there is only one.

Hopefully this explains a bit more as well as i lost the question in the Q&A and remembered this test after the fact!

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