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Can you find Gandalfs Secret Room :grin:

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Found it! Lmao

Nice work!

Thanks :wink:

Introduced a little but more of a game element with win/lose scenarios and a story. Any feedback is welcome as I certainly lack when it comes to the design side of game development.


Nice concept!! Like the way you put it…10 shots before you lose :+1::+1:

Great use of the Gandalf theme!:+1::+1:

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Here’s mine. I didn’t really stray too much from the original but I had fun with a silly theme:

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Here are some screenshots of my game. I think I have a camera out of sync for the 2 & 3 slides as I built them up individually i.e I didn’t duplicate the start screen) .


Nice ! Good idea.

I leave you my UI version screenshot of Number Wizard. I didn’t add any additional functionality to this one cause I think it serve the purpose as it is.

Ok, this is my game. BigBrother needs access to your mind and needs to synchronize with it. I have experimented with adding music and time control.

Really liked people ideas here with expanding the game!

I made a “horror” themed one :slight_smile:

Here’s the game:

Here’s my game!

My theme was an AI who is trying to learn how to duplicate the human mind (but she doesn’t tell you that till the end!)

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How do you share the Number Wizard game? I was able to share the first game that Rick walked us through but he didn’t show us how to share this one so I’m confused.

Hi Penny,

If you are referring to Number Wizard UI, e.g. not Number Wizard (console), then following the same steps.

  • File / Build Settings…
  • Select WebGL as the Platform
  • You may need to click the Switch Platform button if you had a different platform selected previously
  • If it isn’t already, add your scene(s) to the Scenes In Build, you can drag these in from the Assets folder
  • Click Build

You will be prompted to enter a location for the build. Unity requires you to specify an empty folder, so you may need to create one. If you do, be aware that the name you give this folder will be the name of the build solution, so if you call the folder “Build” your game will end up being called “Build”. It is advisable to not place this within your working project folder.

This is where sometimes people run into issues when they create a folder called “Number Wizard” within the “Number Wizard” working folder. In addition, avoid any special characters/spaces in the name of the folder/project titles.

When you click Build, be aware it can take quite some time to complete, just be patient and let it do its thing. Once it has finished you will have a folder containing an index.html file, and a couple of other folders, these contain the contents for your game.

You can, potentially, open the index.html file and play your game via a web browser locally, however Chrome has security settings which prevent this by default. You could use another browser which may support it, or, just upload the game.

You can zip the folder you create which now contains all of the build contents in and then upload it to sites such as, or similar. You will get a unique URL for the game which you can then pop into a post on the forum.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I followed your instructions on this but, for some reason, it never uploads to the site. It just keeps saying processing and never completes. I didn’t have any problem uploading the first game.

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Hi Penny,

Common issues for this problem include;

  • incorrect folder structure (see below)
  • use of a non-standard .zip file format (use Winzip)
  • .zip content too large (normally throws an error though)

During the build you are ask to specific a folder which the contents will be placed into. It is this folder that you need to .zip, so the index.html file and other folders are contained within it. .zip it at that level for the upload.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Here is mine. The theme was a kind of boss battle against Psycho Mantis from the Metal Gear Solid series, but with a light and funny aspect with comments from Psycho Mantis when he can’t guess correctly, with some quotes referencing his actual words in game and others I made up with some references to Blizzard games.
I also added a way to block the lower and higher buttons when there is no other guess available.

Screenshot2 Screenshot3 Screenshot4

DBZ themed (I don’t own any of the rights to the art or music)

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very cool work

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