Share your game icons!



Blazing Inferno: Fire1
Fire Raining Down: Fire2
A Torch: Fire3
A regular large fire: Fire4


Just some fire stuff…



Tried a couple variations of a flame, first one is symmetrical / mirrored and the second one is free hand. Both were done using the pencil tool and i made the 5 color pallete from a reference photo. I think i like the second a lot more as it looks a little more realistic.

Great Job Everyone! It’s not easy making fire look like fire haha


Pretty chuffed how mine came out since I’m usually pretty useless at this free hand stuff, but that airbrush tool is a god send! :smile:



Few of my fire attemps. Still not feeling too confident.
Let me know what you think.


Small variations on the fire theme:
Plain fire
Fire with sparks
Intense fire
Fire with smoke

Fire1 Fire2 Fire3 Fire4



4th one is supposed to be a candle. Not a great execution.


This was a pretty difficult challenge, but I learned a lot from it. I almost gave up, glad I didn’t!
The first two are pretty lousy, but I learned a lot with them.

Fire 1: Fire1

Fire 2: Fire2

Blue fire: BlueFire

Ghost Rider: GhostRider






2-18_fire1 campfire
2-18_fire2 candle
2-18_fire3 explosion
2-18_fire4 fireball

I like the third most


So many great pictures! I need step up my game!
My first attempt:Fire
Sort of a smoky fire:DarkFire
And just a single flame:Flame




Decided to go for a phoenix rising from the flames, fireball and a purple wave, as an opposing force!
Also included my red hue palette.










I see everybody is using red, orange and yellow colors for an fire icon. I understand.
But after the lesson of color pallets and your own color selection. And the note about the look-and-feel of the icons. I stick to my own ‘neon’ look. And my blue color panel setup.
I found it difficult. I’m not used to pixel design. :pensive:

Finally I did it my way, but still blueish colors and some sort of neon look.



Fire Rune: redfire
Fel Flame Rune: felflamerune
Lightning/Water Rune :joy: : lightning

I made them all with a different combination of brushes and layers for extra practice. Looking above, I should have also practiced using the eraser again. Oh well. Good job, guys!


I started using the airbrush to create the fire icons and made the first two using that. I even put some greyish smokey effects into the background!
Fire Fire2
But then I realised that my spec was about hard edges and used the good old pencil tool to make the next two:
Fire3 Fire4
I really like the noisy one just above and to the left but I also like the stylised one on the right. I’m definitely not a fan of the top two though


Fire! Fire!