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Well, I guess I did a “Crablord smiles at a pineapple” ! I like crabs!
crablord Smiley-Face pinneapple




person loves bowlingperson loves bowling2person loves bowling3 i had another post floating around somewhere was 8x8px (got too ahead of myself) now i put it to right size after seeing the next video to export it at 32x32px , anyway i didn’t do outlines more to what made sense to me :man loves bowling



Mine are slightly different. Wanted to give some shading/reflectiveness to the bowling ball


Bowling Yay!


Man walks dog in park.

ManDogA walk in the park

Astronaut travels to space.

AstronautSpaceShipSpaceFly me to the moon


Here is what I produced for this assignment. The heart was hard as it didn’t fit nicely into 8 pixels.



Person Loves Bowling
This was hard…
Person BowlingHeart OriginalBowling


Here is my man walking a dog in the park



Person Loves Bowling…
Lesson 5 - person loves bowling - 1HeartBall


My person loves bowling


Man walks a dog in a park

Man Walking Dog Park bench Dog in business


Alrighty! My first attempt at man loves bowling.


Here’s my attempt, I thought we were supposed to represent a man bowling so I made an “animation” :smiley:

Bowling01 Bowling02 Bowling03


Hello everyone. Here are my attempts at ‘man loves bowling’:



Hi !
Here is my attempt at “Man Loves Bowling” Hope You like it!!

Smiley-Face Heart BowlingBall


Person loves Bowlingpersonlovesbowling


Here is my take on “person loves bowling”. Although my “person” looks more like an alien to me…

personperson loves bowling2bowling-ball


Man walks dog in park!




Hello everyone, this is my attempt at Person loves Bowling
PersonSmileHeartBowling Ball

By the way, I deleted my former post because I realized that I accidentally posted using my Facebook account instead of my Google account.