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here is my attempt at person loves bowling


Here is my composition of Man Loves Bowling!


Man and woman love bowling

Alien flies home


Person Loves Bowling


Here are my emoticons! :slightly_smiling_face:

Man loves bowling

Man walks dog in park

Astronaut goes to space in rocket


Here is my attempt at “man walks dog in the park”




Here is my first attempt usin BIMP. I used a pin instead of the ball.


Here is my Attempt to Man Loves Bowling


Here is my feeble attempt at Woman Loves Bowling :yum:


8 Bit Art…


throwing a ball for the dog in a park.


I can seem daunting at first Mark, but you need to ask 1 question of yourself 1st.

Do you intend to do it all solo or will you be working with a team. Until you answer that you really have no clear path forward.

If solo, then programming, engine use, art, modeling, animation, sound, design etc are all things you will have to learn or source out.

If with a team, then you start with those items your team does not have.

Personally I would start with programming and engine choice as they will be key to all others and Ben and his talented group certainly cover just about all aspects to get you started.


Person with bowling ball
throws the ball for a strike
loves bowling
and a heart appears above a bowling pin!

Mission complete!


This one is my person loves bowling story, I wanted to include both a pin and a bowling ball.


Here’s my Person Loves Bowling…


Here’s my version of man loves bowling



Person Love BowlingBall


My attempt on man loves bowling.