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I enjoy experimenting with courses by redesigning the gameplay or changing the assets for a different theme. It helps me learn how to polish and add juice to my games. I also like to develop quick, small-scale games to test my abilities.

I learned 90% of everything I know from Gamedev and its community and was wondering is there a spot where you can share small mini-games/demos of things we do on the side for community feedback? was set up for that sort of thing, though it doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

You can also easily, and freely, host games on If the intention is just to share them with one community, there are privacy settings so that they’ll only be accessible through a direct link.

In either case, the real challenge is getting people to actually play the game. This is part of the value of doing game jams, since the voting period is all about playing each other’s games and providing feedback on them.

Most of the time I do share on sharemygame if it’s not mobile. I’ve just been leaning into mobile a bit lately. So I was recording clips for YouTube to share with friends.

You do make an excellent point with game jams though and it is something I feel more and more comfortable getting into.

Thanks for the reply.

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