Share my game and export it to my desktop

Hi everyone,
So lately I finished the Laser Defender section, the game is fully function on unity and works just fine.
When I builed the WebGL version and try to upload it for some reason it won’t let me, its says ‘Uploading’ but doesn’t do anything. I have tried the build folder and a form of zip to upload it.
So I sayed ok’ let’s try anyway to export it to my own desktop and play with it local’ but when I run it only the start button shows and way too big, also the other buttons don’t show at all and its doesnt adjust the window to the game.
Can someone explain to me why ?
I have added some photos.

Thanks !

Hi Liad,

Did you set the correct resolution in File > Build Settings > Player Settings for your game? Also select the empty template in the Player Settings window because the UI will scale automatically with the game window.

If the links in the Q&A section work for you, you could follow my instruction in this thread.

Ok, this was helpful, thanks !
But still idk why its not aploading the game to sharemygame, I think its related to site issuies.
Thank you !

Did you build a WebGL project? Standalone games cannot be uploaded to

Yes, I built a few webGL in some variations and still didn’t worked out.

Did your WebGL games run locally in your browser? If so, make sure you zipped the entire WebGL folder, not just a single file.

If you still cannot upload to the website, try it again at a later juncture. There might be a technical issue on the server.

If you are in a hurry, you could share your game on and/or

Still not working, maybe because I am actually making a .rar file and than changing it to .zip 'cuase I’m using Winrar on my computer.

Wow, I didn’t know that Winrar is still a thing. :open_mouth:

If you use Windows, you could download 7Zip. It’s free. Windows itself should also be able to create a zip archive. At least, my Win 8 version can.

So… the prob was that it was archived in winrar and not 7-zip… I guess its 7-zip from now an on, thanks !

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