[SHARE] Galactic Defender Prototype

Hi, this is a protoype of what I plan to have in the complete game: gd.zilberman.pro
for some reason unity messed up a few things, I’m gonna need to correct, But this is the prototype and I’ll appetite your feedback.

Hi @General_Hz,

I’ve popped the link in for you so people can just click on it.

I played your game and enjoyed it, I did manage to get through the entire game and complete it without losing a life and score 7475 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You have some nice sprites there for the player, enemies and lasers. I liked the sounded effects. Font and scoring were great. Power-ups were fab, although I did get quite a lot of them in quick succession. Shields were a really nice touch. I liked that the enemy shots changed to X on one of the final waves.

A few items I thought I’d share with you, all meant to be constructive;

  • the game seemed to stutter a bit, effectively laggy in feel
  • music is fairly quite, compared to sound effects (maybe consider a settings option on the main screen and let the user select?)
  • I found the red lasers a little hard to see, this maybe just myself though, each person may be different
  • brightest particle effect was quite fast and also some particles disappear before they go off the screen so the illusion of them being stars which are flying past was a little lost
  • initially firing speed seemed a little slow, however once power-ups appeared this was improved
  • there were lots of enemy shots fired, but fairly slowly, meaning it was mainly a case of dodging and wasn’t too challenging
  • on the wave where the eye-ball looking enemies come in from the left, drop down a little and then move to the right I could stay in one fixed position and take them all out without moving or having any fear of being hit

I think there are maybe a few balancing tweaks you could make here that would make the game a little more challenging but without becoming too extreme too quickly, I was expecting to lose at least one life, and I’m old, with slow reflexes these days :wink:

Some ideas for things that could be added;

  • Menu - Options -> Sound / Difficulty (easy/medium/hard) / Controls
  • Scoring - I got to the end of the game, I think my score was good, maybe an indication of shots fired / targets hit / enemy ships destroyed percentage?
  • Incorporate the difficulty setting choice of the player into the game player, increasing perhaps speed / frequency of shots fired by enemies / reducing frequency of power-ups, reducing duration of shield (or number of times it take damage etc), increase the number of hits that enemy ships require before they are destroyed (maybe by a difficulty multiplier to make the change easier code wise)
  • Wave indication - I was manually counting in my head, maybe some layer of text in the centre of the screen “Wave 2…” / “Get Ready…” that type of thing, it would provide me with a sense of progression through the game
  • End of Level Boss - after 5 waves, if I was to see something fairly big with guns and lasers firing all sorts of badness, maybe things which it shoots which subsequently explode into smaller pieces I have to dodge as well this would be quite challenging and provide a sense of progression
  • Additional power-ups, shields are lasers were great and I liked the sprites - how about some other things like maybe dual laser, or missiles, dual missiles (maybe missiles launch from your ship and spiral towards enemies rather than in straight lines)
  • How about having missed enemy ships come back into the wave so the player gets to shoot them all, and can’t progress until the wave is clear?
  • Variations on enemy movements, even if just reversed, or randomly reversed, this could make the next game I play a bit different without changing a whole lot

Anyway, just some ideas for you, I think it’s a really nice game, I enjoyed play it and I hope that some of the above is of use. :slight_smile:

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