[Share] Destroy All Blocks: My Block Breaker Game (Feedback Welcomed)

This is my first published game, thanks for anybody that’s willing to play and send any feedback. Truly appreciative, thanks again GameDev community. :slight_smile:

Core Gameplay:
The gameplay focuses on quick recationary elements; sprinkled variance of elements that can be unlocked to gain power ups that permanently affect your progression. Breaking the blocks are multiplied over time to a threshold and spending your points in the middle of your gameplay can be the difference between winning or losing your progress.

There’s 6 levels, each getting harder as Upgrades become more of a necessity. Let me know the gameplay feel and if you needed to use power ups to beat the game.

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Hi Brandon,
what I like about your game, more precisely the first level, is the design. Background and blocks as VFX are nicely chosen and displayed even if a little dark, which on the other hand serves the environment. Only thing here is that it takes one a bit to see the display for the points.
As for the gameplay feel - I believe your ball movement needs some work. It gets quite often way too quick and sometimes too slow. Also your paddle in comparison to the speed is a nodge too small. I personally wouldn’t change the speed, just make it smoother and increase the size of the paddle.
As for the extra points which would come handy the way the game is just now, I couldn’t test it as I never got enough points for it. So maybe, having in mind the speed you are obviously looking for and which is good, and the size of the paddle, I’d lower the “price” for the extra features.
As a side note, I am not a huge fan of the usage of the esc button, but for leaving a game or switching between screen modes… So maybe assign another button for the extra features.
Other than that, you are on a very good path. Congrats on the game!

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thanks for the great feedback, i made changes to the ball, paddle and some of the levels. unfortunately i did not know how i wanted to tackle the separate UI screen yet. but really great feedback, thanks so much!

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