Shading the Walls -- Object Not Highlighted


Apologies if this is not making sense.

I’m having trouble seeing that the selected object is highlighted in the 3D Viewport while in the Shading Workspace in both object and editing mode. In the Outliner, I can see that the object(s) I select are highlighted, but NOT in the 3D Viewport

For example, if I am in edit mode in the Shading Workspace, and I want to manipulate the faces, it’s not possible. I can’t select a face, edge, or vertex. Even in wireframe mode, the object is “blank.” All you see is the outline of the object.

However, in the Layout Workspace, in object and edit mode, the object(s) are highlighted as well as in the Outliner.

I don’t know what short cut key or something else I may have pressed or clicked. I use version 3.5.1


Check you have the overlays button ‘on’.
Overlays Button1


Thank you! It was “off” in the Shading Workspace. I overlooked it. Hahaha, even when I went through the viewport shadings, x-ray, and gizmo one by one trying to figure it out.

Can you tell me when the overlays button is “on,” what do the two circles at the bottom signify?


They are not circles as such but are rendered spheres. To demonstrate the HDRI and lighting from it.
You can turn them off or back on in the drop down menu of the… Overlays menu! :grin:


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