Shaders. How to

Shaders are the main features that give realism and character to a virtual environment. Yet we know very little about them, how they work, what are their possibilities and in the end how to create the exact one we need, and not loosing time trying and testing, so to choose what is the closest to the one we need.
A series of courses would be very helpful on topics of general how do they work, how to think and decide what features we must combine to get what we have in mind, and in the end and most important, how to create / code them, both with programs like shader frog, and even better pure “coding” like the ones in unity’s shader lab that we see in mono-develop and visual studio and get too little…


I’m definitely not ready for this yet, but I know that when I am, it would be awesome if GameDev.TV had a course in this.

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