Shade Smooth

Hey folks. When I shade smooth my High Poly model, it causes a weird crease/line down the middle of the mesh. I can fix it by clicking Auto Smooth. Is this okay? I didn’t see Grant use Auto Smooth and can’t tell if his HP model had this issue. Any insight?

Always a first recourse, ticking that autosmooth for smooth shading problems. Can’t do any harm trying it.

Thank you for the quick response! I will go for it. I am now on the section of getting the settings created for baking the normals. Grant’s video shows Ray Distance, my blender has Extrusion and Max Ray Distance… I tried a few things out and extrusion seem to be working better than using the Max Ray Distance. Is this the right way to go about it?

Not an area I am much into, baking, and not doing that particular course. Someone else will no doubt be along some time who is.

Extrusion seems to be an additional option in the later versions of 2.9 and helps with normal and cavity maps.

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